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Amazon Astro, Household Robot for Home Monitoring, with Alexa, Includes 6-month Free Trial of Ring Protect Pro

Keep your home closer with Alexa and Astro, a home surveillance robot. Use the Astro app to check in on particular rooms and vistas while you're away, get a live view of your house, and receive activity alerts.

 When you're at home, Astro can find you to deliver calls, reminders, alarms, and timers set with Alexa, as well as follow you around the house while playing your favorite music, podcasts, or shows.

Intelligent Motion is introduced

Astro navigates your ever-changing house with powerful learning algorithms and sensor fusion.

Astro goes easily around things and stays a safe distance from people, pets, and stairs.

Request that Astro follow you or give a message or reminder to someone else.

Astro will stay around in low-traffic areas and travel to the charger when its battery needs to be charged.

You may check in on your house from anywhere.

You can watch a live image of your house and check in on specific rooms, people, or items with the Astro app. Astro learns a map of your house during setup, which you can access through the app at any time. Simply tap where you want Astro to go, then adjust the periscope to get a better view. If you observe something questionable, you can even trigger an alarm.

Alerts for real-time home monitoring

Set home monitoring to Away to receive a notification if Astro detects an unidentified individual.

When Astro detects specific sounds, such as glass shattering or smoke or carbon monoxide alarms, the Alexa app will send you push notifications.

Ring Protect Pro provides greater peace of mind.

Activate your 6-month free trial of Ring Protect Pro to plan patrols while you're away, examine suspected incidents proactively, and store video clips automatically to Ring's cloud storage. You may also store and share video snippets, as well as examine up to 60 days of video history, with the membership.

Link your Amazon and Ring accounts and add Astro to the Ring app to start your 6-month Ring Protect Pro trial. If you are a current Ring Protect customer, your membership will be renewed unless you cancel it.

Alexa Together can assist you in supporting those you care for.

Alexa Together is a new method to care for your elderly loved ones remotely, providing you peace of mind while allowing them to live independently. You may receive activity alerts, manage shopping lists, and set up reminders on behalf of a loved one with the Alexa Together membership. Astro may also transport cargo items such as water bottles or supplements. If there is an emergency, your loved one can call our Professional Urgent Response team by saying "Astro, call for aid."

Alexa is brought to you by stro.

Get your favorite Alexa features, like as news, entertainment, and routines, sent directly to your inbox.

Enabling Amazon Kids on Astro gives you free parental controls, kid-friendly Alexa replies, and other benefits.

Astro can move with you during a video conference, keeping you in frame.

Make a visual ID so Astro can identify you and offer you something, such as a beverage.

Astro can send you reminders, timers, and notifications.

Designed to safeguard your privacy

Astro is designed with numerous levels of privacy protection


With a single button press, you can turn off microphones, cameras, and movements.


When you generate a visual ID, Astro recognizes your face using on-device processing.

Define out-of-bounds zones to tell Astro where it can and cannot travel.

Make even greater use of Astro.

Astro may be outfitted with appropriate extras that fit neatly in its cargo compartment. Separately available.

Furbo Dog Camera may be used to toss goodies.

Create an Alexa Routine to send Astro to a room to toss a treat to your pet when Furbo is attached to the USB port in the cargo bin (USB Type-C to USB 3.1 converter required) and the Furbo Alexa Skill is activated.

Ziploc bag for storing

Send snacks in a bespoke food-safe Ziploc container designed to fit in Astro's cargo bin.

Wrist blood pressure monitor OMRON

You can take blood pressure readings with the compatible OMRON Gold wireless blood pressure monitor and use the Omron Health skill for Alexa to view them on Astro's display.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q:What occurs if I already have a subscription to Ring Protect Basic, Plus, or Pro?

After your trial period starts, you will automatically receive a credit to your Ring account equal to 6 months of payments (excluding taxes), prorated based on your current subscription, if you already subscribe to the monthly or annual Ring Protect Plan and if you assign your Astro to the same location as your existing Ring Protect Plan.

Q: When does my Ring Protect Pro 6-month trial begin?

Your trial begins when you link your Amazon and Ring accounts and use the Ring app to add your Astro device for the first time to a location associated with your Ring account.

Q: Will I be paid when my Ring Protect Pro 6-month trial period expires?

If you are not already a Ring Protect Pro Plan subscriber, you will need to actively subscribe to one in order to continue receiving its benefits. If you are a current monthly or yearly Ring Protect Plan user, your membership will automatically renew at the current price.

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